Temp SMS what is used for?

What is Temp SMS used for? 2023

Temp SMS is a Temporary Phone number that is able to receive SMS from third party online platforms. Temp SMS is used for account verification purposes. Most online platforms are asking for your real phone number to send a verification code to verify newly created accounts. When you give them your real phone number, you will be used by them for advertising purposes, and most companies are willing to buy your real phone number. since it is very precious data.

By submitting your real phone number, you will lay down arms for these opportunistic traders.
Thus, it is very important to use the Temp SMS (tempsmss.com) service to prevent granting your personal phone number.

Temp SMS importance and Benefits

Everyone should use temporary phone numbers rather than personal phone numbers to receive temp SMS. This is to protect their vindicate, as many people have their personal phone numbers and can call or text them without their approval. Some blog writers, website owners, and social media users like to keep their phone number on their online platforms because it lets people know that they are available for questions, comments, or other inquiries.

Mobile phone the proliferation of smartphones and the systems they interact with, such as mobile apps, has increased the importance of privacy. As a means of connecting user data across various databases that also contain other user data, phone numbers are increasingly being used as unique identifiers. People’s phone numbers are used in much the same way as their social security numbers, but they are not bound by the same privacy laws. One method for preventing unauthorized access to your primary phone number is the use of disposable phone numbers.

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Temporary Numbers Benefits

What is Temporary Phone number?

The main question is, what exactly is a temporary phone number? The number is virtually accessible in the cloud rather than being on a physical SIM card. So, without having to worry about roaming, you can receive SMS online from anywhere in the world. You only need to wait 0–20 seconds to receive SMS on a fake number. The sender determines how quickly the message will be received. Every day, we update the list of mobile numbers. Due to the fact that all of our numbers come with a certain number of free SMS, multiple people can use them simultaneously, and they are not stored after you stop receiving SMS, all of our numbers should be considered temporary or disposable when receiving SMS.

Our Temp SMS Database

You can see the latest Temp SMS which received by our GSM servers and showed in this page.


The advantages of using a temp phone number for get Temp SMS services are numerous. You can use a temporary number to receive messages, block spam or unwanted calls, or even sell unused numbers to potentially increase your revenue without putting in any effort.

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