How to Get a Temporary Phone Number 2022

How to Get a Temporary Phone Number 2022

Do you require a disposable phone number to protect your privacy online? When signing up for services, verifying your identity, and communicating with people you don’t know, creating and getting a free temporary phone number is a great way to keep your real phone number private. This blog teaches you how to obtain a temporary “disposable” phone number that you can use to make or receive OTP and text messages.

Best way to get a free temporary phone number

Consider using a free inbound SMS confirmation service. You have the best option in the world which it is if you only need a temporary phone number to confirm an SMS confirmation code when registering for an account or service. This type of free service provides a revolving set of phone numbers that you can enter without having to register—the only catch is that the texts you receive are visible to anyone who visits the website. If you’re just getting a confirmation code, this is fine, but don’t use it for personal messages.

Best website to receive free temporary SMS

Request a phone call or text message from a friend. If you only need a one-time message, it may be best to seek assistance from a live person. If you don’t know who to ask, is dedicated to assisting people with the verification process. You can either make a new post explaining what you need or respond to an existing post. There is no way to know whether someone’s services are genuine, so use this option at your own risk.

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