Twitteri kinnitamiseks vajate ajutist numbrit? 2022

Kontrollimine Twitteri registreerimine
Do you want to register a second Twitter account, but it requires an SMS verification? Do you not have access to a phone or prefer not to use your personal number?


Do you want to register a second Twitter account, but it requires an SMS verification? Do you not have access to a phone or prefer not to use your personal number?

Use TempSMS’sTemporary number to receive SMSservice! You’ll get a free virtual phone number. You can use it for registration and you won’t have to pay anything.

When registering on a website, you may be asked to provide your mobile phone number. It’s possible that you’ll end up with a slew of text messages later. We’ll assist you in registering on any website without having to give out your real phone number. You won’t have to be concerned about your real phone number. We’ll keep you safe from spam and unwelcome advertising.

Register for a Twitter account without a phone number

You don’t have to give Twitter your phone number just yet if you want to sign up. Check out this tutorial on how to make a Twitter account without using your phone number:

  • Visit the Twitter signup page.
  • Click on Sign up with phone or email button.
  • Fill in your name here.
  • Under Phone, select Use Email Instead.
  • Tap Next after entering your date of birth.
  • Hit Sign Up button.
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Twitter Sign Up Page

Instead of sending a verification code to your phone, Twitter sends it to your email address. You simply enter the code and click Sign Up and you’re done.

Unfortunately, Twitter’s attempt to obtain your phone number may not be over yet. Many users who haven’t entered their phone number claim that Twitter has locked them out of their accounts and that phone number requests keep popping up.

Don’t worry — we’ll walk you through all of your options so you can avoid revealing your phone for good.

Why is Twitter requesting your phone number?

Twitter, like many other social media platforms, claims to require your phone number for your own benefit. The following are some of the reasons for requiring usersphone numbers:

  1. Identity verification
  2. demonstrating that you are not a robot
  3. Maintaining the security of your account
  4. Resetting your password is simple.
  5. assisting your friends in locating your account
  6. Using Twitter to communicate with your phone contacts
  7. Using security features such as two-factor authentication
  8. Making it difficult for spammers and suspicious accounts to continue operating

How can I get an SMS verification code from Twitter online?

  1. Navigate to our website’s main page to begin receiving SMS online.
  2. Choose the desired country and look for the service number in the list.
  3. Make a note of the temporary number that appears there. Copy it and paste it into the appropriate field in the verification window before sending the SMS code.
  4. You’ll receive a code to confirm your Twitter registration in a few seconds. The text message will appear next to your phone number.

How to receive SMS for free?

We do not have any paid phone numbers, so all of the numbers on our website are free. People contact us every day looking for paid SMS numbers.

We always decline their requests because we value our own telephone numbers. We want to work in a long-term manner. Kuid, we run promotions and give out promo codes through our Telegram channel.

Verification Twitter Registration
Kontrollimine Twitteri registreerimine

A temporary number protects your online privacy

Kasutage instead of your personal or work phone number online to protect your online privacy! Other websites can also send text messages to our SIM card numbers.

Countries have dedicated SMS verification numbers:

USView US temp numbers
ÜhendkuningriikView UK temp numbers
PrantsusmaaView French temp numbers
RootsiView Swedish temp numbers
KanadaView Canadian temp numbers

Kuidas põleti telefoninumber võib aidata sotsiaalmeedia ja platvormi kinnitamisel 2023?

Sissejuhatus Põleti telefoninumber, tuntud ka kui ühekordselt kasutatav telefoninumber, on ajutine telefoninumber, mida saab kasutada erinevatel eesmärkidel, sealhulgas SMS-i saamine sotsiaalmeedia ja muu platvormi kinnitamiseks. Need numbrid on mõeldud ühekordseks kasutamiseks ja neid saab pärast kasutamist kergesti ära visata, muutes need suurepäraseks võimaluseks kõigile, kes soovivad oma privaatsust kaitsta või veebis anonüümsust säilitada.

Saate veebis SMS-i Temp Swedeni numbritelt

Ajutistelt Rootsi numbritelt võrgus SMS-ide vastuvõtmiseks on saadaval mitmesuguseid võimalusi, sealhulgas virtuaalse telefoninumbri teenuse kasutamine, Rootsi mobiilioperaatori SIM-kaart, või ekspedeerimisteenust. Need valikud võivad olla kasulikud ajutiseks või anonüümseks suhtluseks ning võivad kaitsta teie isiklikku telefoninumbrit. Kuid, mõned võrguteenused ei pruugi lubada ajutiste telefoninumbrite kasutamist.

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