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  1. Igaüks näeb SMS-i kinnituskoodi sisu, Kasutage seda ainult testimise ja arendamise eesmärgil.
  2. Kui teil on probleeme OTP SMS-i saamisega, võtke meiega ühendust aadressil Telegramm me aitame teid seal.
  3. Me ei toeta kindlalt ebaseaduslikku tegevust ajutiste numbritega.
  4. If you are unable to view your SMS using this number, please attempt to use another disposable number.
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What we offer?

We offer a service that enables you to avail our phone numbers for receiving SMS online, free of cost and anonymously. As of late, there has been a significant surge in SMS spamming, which prompted us to create this platform. By using our phone numbers, you can safeguard your personal phone numbers from being subjected to spamming. You have the liberty to use as many phone numbers as you desire and receive SMS without any restrictions. Our service is readily accessible whenever you require a phone number for SMS/phone verification for any website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are messages deleted after the code is received?

You won’t be able to delete the messages yourself as they are public, but they will be deleted automatically after some time.

Am I able to access TempSMSs.com 24/7?

Absolutely. There are no time restrictions with our access, access it 24/7.

Can I receive SMS with a one-time password?

Yes you can.

Do older numbers get deleted?

Numbers become inactive after some time, and only if they become overused. This is to ensure the efficiency of the SMS service.

Am I able to use TempSMSS to receive a personal SMS?

Jah, you are able to receive any type of SMS message.

How often are new numbers added?

New numbers are added to AnonymSMS on a daily basis.

Are numbers on this site traceable to TempSMSS?

The numbers listed on this site are standard numbers, and do not appear any differently because they are listed on our site.

Can I receive free SMS on TempSMSS to set up a Gmail account?

Jah, just pick the number you want to use and you’ll receive the verification code needed.

Can I reuse the same number?

Sure, you are able to reuse an active number as many times as you’d like.

Can numbers be used worldwide, regardless of location?

Jah. You’ll be able to use any of the numbers displayed on our site from anywhere in the world, regardless of which country-code you use.

How does TempSMSS work?

TempSMSS is extremely user-friendly. Simply choose the number you want and input it as if it were your own and wait for the SMS to appear on screen.

Is there a voice recognition service if verification is verbal and not written?

Unfortunately not. You are only able to receive SMS online.

Is there a send and receive SMS service or can I only receive?

Currently, you’re only able to receive SMS messages on TempSMSS, not send.

Is it dangerous to receive SMS online?

Not at all, the service is perfectly safe and secure.

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